Bending Spoon Is A Very Simple Magic Trick

The first simple magic trick is how to bend a spoon (Bending Spoon). Surely you have often seen this one magic trick. Yes, obviously, because this simple magic trick is indeed quite popular. But, do you know what the trick is yet? If not, don’t worry, you can check out the following tips. Aside from that, if you want to hire a professional magician to entertain children, we recommend you to hire the best magician gold coast.

Here are some tips for this trick:

Prepare one spoon for us to make as victims, hehehe. The spoon will be cut into two parts later. So what are you using to cut it? Yeah whatever, what’s important is that you first melt the spoon by burning it.

If so, place the spoon in your palm relaxed.

You also need to prepare 1 more spoonful which is still intact and certainly straight (to make sure the audience only). Then place the spoon in a crossed position between the index finger and middle finger. Make sure that the spoon’s head is in the back of the middle finger and ring finger.

Then you combine the second and third points above together. That way, you can make the spoon appear to be bent with just a little shake.

And lastly, you have to make the spoon straight again as before (for just a surprise effect). But how? It’s easy, you just need to take the tip of the spoonful (which we prepared in the third point earlier) quickly, then you put it on the table. Then where did the only half of the spoon go? For the half spoon, you can secretly put it in your pants.

You need to remember and you note, in doing this trick the audience can only see the part of your palm, do not let the audience see the back of your hand because it can expose the tricks that you do.