This Is The Beginning Of Magic In Human History

It is indeed difficult to know when magic first appeared. However, there are historical relics that originate from ancient Egyptian times, namely papyrus sheets containing matters relating to magic. It is written on about 2700 BC, which tells a story that happened around 2600 BC. Someone named Dedy, an Egyptian magician was called to entertain King Cheops. There he showed a very awesome trick, namely by cutting off the head of an animal and returning it alive. However, if you simply want to present a fun magic show for your wedding guests instead of the extreme ones, we suggest you call the best Wedding Magician in London.

In the 18th century, magic became a very popular show. Isaac Fawkes was instrumental in arousing interest and popularizing magic in England. He played at a large fair and drew a large crowd to see his amazing tricks, many who believed that the principle of his spectacular tools had surpassed his time at that time. One of his magic shows is an apple tree that grows and blooms and even produces fruit in less than a minute. He became very famous and became wealthy until his death.