Some Ways To Deal With A Clogged Sink By Destape De Drenajes En Monterrey

The occurrence of blockages in the sink drain or sink is one of the many problems that often occur in the kitchen. If that happens, then what happens is the stagnation of water around the sink so that it cannot flow smoothly or clogged and clogged This is caused by a buildup of food debris and fat that settles along the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can also call an expert to destape de drenajes en monterrey if you also have a problem with your drain.

For that, the fastest solution to overcome the blocked drains in the kitchen sink include:

Clean The Fat Sticking In The Sewer

If you don’t use a swan neck pipe in the drain, you can also use a fat-breaking powder that is usually sold in supermarkets.

Next, pour the fast-breaking powder into the drain. Wait until 20-30 minutes so that the fat and the remnants of dirt contained in the pipe can be destroyed. Then, pour water into the drain using hot water or boil it into the drain until it is clean.

Clean Goose Neck Drains

For this one problem, maybe you can still handle it yourself. If your drain has a gooseneck shape, you can also remove the dirt that causes the ducts to clog up at the collection point. Try to open the dirt collection and then clean the dirt contained in the pipe. Then, all the dirt is cleaned, return the pipe as before,

Clean the Pipe

If the previous method is still not effective to overcome the blocked water pipe. So, try to take the wire and then put it into the water pipe, check whether you are something faltered in the water channel.

That’s it for the tips that we can share with you regarding a clogged sink. A sink is very important for day to day life. Without them, it will be a bother to wash our hands and dishes. Therefore, you must always maintain your sink and repair it immediately if it is broken.

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